Nero Platinum Suite 2024 Review: A Comprehensive Multimedia Software Package With Lots Of Added Features

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The Nero Platinum Suite is a feature-rich multimedia software suite that performs a wide variety of tasks, including system tuning, PC management, and video editing, among others. The software suite offers more than 200 solutions that are neatly arranged in its new and intuitive user interface. With a new look and improved features, the Nero Platinum Suite has reinvented itself both visually and functionally allowing users to manage both their systems and their multimedia under one roof.


Pros&Cons | Check All Positive and Negative Sides

  • Modern and intuitive UI
  • Supports import and editing of 8K videos
  • Nero AI for better tagging and organization
  • Convenient and secure backup solutions
  • Nero Score for CPU and GPU performance
  • A heavy program that is occasionally slow at launch
  • No social media integration

Features at a glance

Nero Platinum Suite 2024 Key Features

TransitionsTick icon
Motion EffectsTick icon
TitlesTick icon
Chroma KeyTick icon
TimelineTick icon
Split ScenesTick icon
Trim ScenesTick icon
ZoomTick icon
3D EditingTick icon
Enhance Image ColorTick icon
Drag & Drop Video ClipsCross icon
Analog Video CaptureTick icon
Video StabilizerTick icon
Trim Audio FilesTick icon
Mix Audio TracksTick icon
Youtube UploadCross icon
Supported Video Export FormatHEVC, AVC, MPEG-4, MPEG-2, MPEG-1, WMV, VC-1
Create DVD DiscsTick icon
Create Blu Ray DiscsTick icon

What’s new?

Video Guide: What’s new in the Nero Platinum Suite 2024?

Usage guide

Nero Platinum Suite 2024 Usage Guide

The following is a concise and general guide to using the Nero Platinum Suite. While the application sports an intuitive UI and is quite easy to navigate or use even for beginners, I will still go through a few important features and functionalities of the application to offer you a preview of what you can expect from the Nero Platinum Suite before you download it. If you require more comprehensive guidance, visit Nero’s website and check out the guides or solutions on the support page.


User Interface

Once you download, install, and run the Nero Platinum Suite, it will become gradually evident to you that you will hardly require any guidance to use the application even if you are a novice when it comes to software applications. Even users who are not used to using advanced software applications regularly will find the Nero UI quite easy to navigate. Nonetheless, I will be discussing a few key features of the Nero Platinum Suite, including Media Home, Video, AI Photo Tagger, and other features.

Nero Platinum Suite 2022 user interface

Nero Burning ROM

It is only appropriate to start our journey of the application from the feature that started Nero’s journey in the consumer software market. As one of the most widely recognized and used software for burning and copying media to CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray discs, the Nero Burning ROM needs no introduction. You can use the Burning ROM to burn or copy your favorite media files, including music, videos, and photos to external discs without any assistance. The Nero Burning ROM is arguably still the foremost software program in its segment and it is a joy to use as ever.

Nero Burning ROM 2022

Nero TuneItUp Pro

The Nero Platinum Suite lets you manage and optimize your system effectively and one of the best ways to do so is by using the Nero TuneItUp Pro. I frequently use the TuneItUp feature to manage, optimize, and tune up my system for improved performance. With just one click, you can command the Smart Check feature to identify any possibility to optimize your system. Through this feature, you can view a list of all the installed programs on your computer along with the system requirements and completely remove them from your system with the Uninstall Wizard if you wish to do so.

Nero TuneItUp Pro 2022

Nero MediaHome

Next, on the Platinum Suite’s repertoire of impressive features is the Nero Media Home. A central collection point for all your media, the Media Home is a cloud-based storage system that enables you to access your media files from any device that you are using. The Media Home ensures that users do not lose specific media files and the cloud storage protects your valuable data from unforeseen loss. Geo-tagging your photos also make it easy to organize and share your photos. You can even utilize the geo-tagging feature to create slideshows and videos set around different places that you have visited.

Nero MediaHome 2022

Nero Video

The Nero Video is one of the most advanced and useful features of the Nero Platinum Suite application as it lets you create, edit, export, and import an extensive range of video files easily and quickly. The suite even supports specialized video formats like AVCHD and H.265, among others. An automatic montage creator and an advanced timeline editor are among the several unique features of the Platinum Suite. You can use the timeline editor to quickly edit and easily manage your files from one place. It even opens in the Express Editing view by default and displays the different sections of your video as thumbnails to let you keep track of your video footage.

Nero Video 2022 interface

Nero Duplicate Manager

File duplication is a common and serious issue that most computer users with a large amount of media and other files on their devices have to deal with. Nero solves this issue with the excellent Duplicate Manager. As the name suggests, the Nero Duplicate Finder locates and displays media files, including audio, image, and video files, allowing you to delete all the duplicate files from within the software. This feature not only cleared my duplicate files but also cleared up disk space in my PC making the system smoother and archiving files easier.

Nero Duplicate Manager interface

Nero BackItUp

Use the Nero BackItUp feature to securely back up your valuable media files on CDs, DVDs, an external hard drive, or even the cloud. When you have an extensive media library that you laboriously curated over years, you do not want to lose it to an unforeseen system crash or a sudden power outage. A backup feature is an essential tool and not many application does it better than the Nero Platinum Suite 2024.

Nero BackItUp - backup selection

Nero Recode

Another very useful feature and one that is often overlooked by many users is the Nero Recode. Use the Recode feature if you want to rip and convert music or video files to standard audio or video formats so that you can enjoy them on your mobile devices.


What is VIP store?

One of the most exciting features of the Nero Start is the VIP Store. The app store is available to only yearly license holders and you can purchase additional software features from the VIP Store. The VIP Store option appears on the left navigation panel of the application when you are signed in to Nero Start and have Nero Platinum Suite 2024 selected as your default product. For smooth functioning of the VIP Store, Nero Start and other necessary components of the Nero Platinum Suite must be updated to the latest version. As a Nero Platinum subscriber, I had access to my exclusive Nero Shop and received exclusive discounts on select products, including Audials One, Nero TuneItUp Pro, O&O SafeErase, and VPN apps, among others.

Nero Platinum Suite 2024 Google Trends

Google Trends is an online analytical engine that analyses the regional and periodic popularity of common Google search keywords. For this review, I wanted to check how interested the general public was in the Nero Platinum Suite and I visited Google Trends for the same. On Google Trends, I checked the interest in “Nero Platinum Suite” in the USA over three different periods. I wanted to understand how the public interest in the keyword changed over the years and gauge its current standing. The Google Trends results are displayed in the form of graphs.

The interest in “Nero Platinum Suite” from 2004 to the present day has been no short of a roller coaster ride. With peaks and crests dominating the graph, it is evident that the Nero Platinum Suite did not enjoy a particularly consistent response from the audience. While the start has been understandably slow, there has been no major surge in interest within this period other than a few notable peaks in interest between 2010 and 2012. The interest in the keyword peaked sometime around February 2011 but has not been able to replicate the outcome since then. However, the graph predicts a rise in interest from the start of 2022.

Nero Platinum Suite since 2004 trends

When I checked the interest in the last 5 years, I found out that over 3 years had passed between the two noticeable peaks in the graph. The graph shows that the interest had peaked around February 2017 and then almost peaked again around October 2020. Since 2019, the peaks in interest have become more frequent and the gaps between each surge in interest are decreasing. This may be due to the pandemic that has forced millions worldwide to work from home, thereby raising the interest in software programs like the Nero Platinum Suite.

Nero Platinum Suite trends last 5 years

Finally, I wanted to see the current interest in the Nero Platinum Suite over the past 12 months in comparison to its close competitor – Movavi Video Suite. While the graph was almost similar to the ones I have discussed above, I found subtle changes on closer inspection. The interest in the keyword is now rising at an interval of about three months and it recently peaked during October 2021. This can be inferred as a slow but steady rise in the interest in Nero Platinum Suite. Moreover, this graph corroborates the prediction of the first one that the interest in Nero Platinum Suite will rise steeply in the weeks to come. The change in graph also tell us the possible rise in popularity of Nero Platinum Suite over Movavi Video Suite.

Nero Platinum Suite 2022 vs Movavi Video Suite 2022 trends comparison

User reviews

Nero Platinum Suite 2024 User Reviews

To thoroughly understand a product or service, one must either use it personally or find out the opinions of users who have used it. Though I was using Nero Platinum Suite at the time of writing this review, I still needed an outside perspective of the product and its functionalities. Thus, I visited and explored numerous social media platforms, tech forums, and user review sites in search of the general public’s rating of the Nero Platinum Suite. My mission was to find out the product’s efficiency in practice and any relevant issues that our readers need to be made aware of before they purchase the product.

Now, public opinions on social media tend to be occasionally dismissive but always critical. Thus, it was a surprise to see the Nero Platinum Suite being well received by social media users. While they did not go gaga over the software suite, they were certainly quite pleased with the program and all the features that it had to offer. However, a few users rightly pointed out that not many users may be able to afford the Nero Platinum Suite, and even then certain few products in the market offer better value for money than Nero if not as many features. Whether you will be attracted by the abundance of features or the apparent costliness of the product puts you off depends entirely on your requirements.

Since social media cannot always be relied upon to provide consistent and unbiased opinions, I decided to further check a few tech forums to see what advanced users and software aficionados were saying about the product. Not unlike the social media users, users on the tech forums I visited were also quite pleased with the Nero Platinum Suite. A couple of seasoned software users even claimed that they were willing to recommend the product to peers and colleagues. However, I did find a few posts on these tech forums debating whether the price of the product is worth its functionality.

I even visited a few user review websites like Trustpilot and SiteJabber to read reviews from real users of the product. Unfortunately, and mostly surprised to me was the fact that more than 40% of Nero Platinum Suite reviews were negative with “bad” mark at Trustpilot. Nonetheless, it is evident that people are talking about the product on social media and tech forums. Irrespective of its good or bad qualities, the Nero Platinum Suite has become a major talking point in the tech world, and the only way to find out the truth about the product is by using it yourself.


Our verdict

The Nero Platinum Suite 2024 enables users to smartly organize, optimize, backup, edit media, and review system performance on their Windows PC. From AI tagging and 8K video editing to cloud backups and system optimization, Nero Platinum Suite excels at a variety of tasks and it does so without burning a hole in your pocket. However, I would like to see the Nero Platinum Suite extend its device support to operating systems other than Windows.

Nonetheless, the Nero Platinum Suite is an excellent software product from one of the leading software companies and it excels at the several tasks it was designed to perform. The Nero Platinum Suite has not just spruced up my system but also enables it to maintain optimal performance. Putting aside the arguably high price of the product, I have enjoyed using the application and can vouch for its efficiency.

9.2 Total Score

Video Rendering Speed
Extra Tools
  • Impressive PC tuning
  • A redesigned Nero Start for easier navigation
  • 8K video support
  • Consumes more system resources than competitors
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Nero Platinum Suite 2024 Review: A Comprehensive Multimedia Software Package With Lots Of Added Features
Nero Platinum Suite 2024 Review: A Comprehensive Multimedia Software Package With Lots Of Added Features
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